Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 2.58.52 PMWe are pleased to feature our local business partner below.
We get excited every time there’s an opportunity to discuss branding with our clients, but we also realize that the term can be ambiguous. Let’s talk some basics about brand value.

Your brand should do three things for you:

1. It should determine what your customers think and feel about you.
2. It should reflect an organizational promise of who you are.
3. It should differentiate you from your competition.

Brands at their most basic level are emotional connections. Do you feel a bit of badassery when you think of Harley Davidson Motorcycles? Do you think of heartwarming stories when the Make-A-Wish Foundation is mentioned? Your brand is a connection between your customers and you.

Your culture as a company, your values in who you are, and the ethos with which you live and breathe by are the essence of your brand’s promise. Your promise sets up an expectation for you customer that you must hold to or you’ll risk losing your client to someone who will meet their expectations.

The are few niche markets anymore, so what differentiates you from your competition? Your brand should set you apart by focusing on what makes you unique from everyone else. Focusing on uniqueness will go a long way in maintaining relevance.