Mike Nye’s gift to Portland is that he puts his soul and commitment into understanding the person and their needs, and then proceeds forward in matching them with the perfectly suited property.

I’ve been honored to have negotiated a seven figure real estate transaction with Mike, as well as a simple month to month lease, and he has treated each one of these deals as if they were equal in value and of importance.

Michael Knapp

Mike Nye, co-founder of Capacity Commercial Group, is an expert in commercial real estate. From leasing, sales, and investments to tenant representation and construction management, he’s made a name for himself for his keen eye for real estate deals. As an Oregon native, he’s seen his state grow exponentially over the years. “It is amazing seeing our business community growth,” says Nye, “We are a major entrepreneurial hotbed and investment firms are investing millions of dollars.” So what are Nye’s secrets to success? Well, along the way to becoming an expert in his field he’s learned that it’s all about balance. Here are a few things he’s learned that have made him such a successful entrepreneur.

Make time for you

On the path to success, it’s easy for an entrepreneur to take work home. You can! But carve out time for you, your friends, and your family. You need to connect to experiences and people outside of the workplace in order to be more effective in the workplace. Nye starts every day with his family. He makes breakfast for his family every day for a sit-down meal. He also spends his evenings with his family. Your time is your choice. For Nye, his priority is to be present and involved with his family. He chooses that every day. So remember, your personal time is just as important as your professional time.

Emails don’t come first

Emails aren’t the first on Nye’s priority list when he arrives at the office. Rather, he prefers to get into the daily plan of moving projects forward first. Getting weighed down and distracted by emails is an easy mistake and one that can decrease productivity in the office. Set the time in your day to send and respond to emails but remember that they shouldn’t occupy your entire day. Find a working plan that works best for you.

Plan tomorrow today

Every evening Nye plans his emails for the next day and sets his agenda and priority list. It helps him save a lot more time the following day. So whether you need a to-do list or pre-written emails prepared, figure out what you can do today to make tomorrow more manageable.

Do what you say you will do

Do what you say you will do. This really is the hardest lesson of all says Nye, but it’s a trait shared by all successful entrepreneurs. Trust is built on your everyday actions. It’s an everyday task, but keep it in mind and you’ll find yourself thinking first before making what could potentially be a false promise. Deliver when you know you can deliver and you can build your reputation on it!

Give thanks

Business relationships are not built to go fast; they are built to go far,” believes Nye. He’s built and maintained fruitful relationships with his clients because he believes in long term investment. At the heart of learning to say thank you one learns the practice of gratitude. Nye has learned that success is not a road one walks alone.

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