Pail DesignWe are pleased to feature our local business partner below…
Pail has been serving up a variety of creative graphic design services to its clients for 14 years. It took us a few years to realize that our clients had a commonality. What began in the specialty coffee industry expanded to distilleries and spirits, to bars and restaurants. Sometimes specializing can be a choice and sometimes it’s just the way a business evolves – ours was a little of both. Specializing in a specific market – the food and beverage industry – has improved our focus, and with that clarity, grown our clientele. From package design and bottle labels to menus and tradeshow booths, the clients might fit a niche, but their needs are diverse.

Creating Experience Through Design:

Visual communication is more than just making your brand look aesthetically pleasing. It’s about creating an experience in the details, through design.

For example, our client The Multnomah Whiskey Library communicates this experience in a number of ways. First, you might see the branded website or social media channels to find upcoming events, view photo galleries and preview a menu. While downtown, you might see the local handcrafted signage on the street and door. You may notice the branded frosted porthole as you enter the Library, or read the leather bound menus with the monogram shimmering lightly in the dimly lit environment.

When you receive your bill you’re presented with a thoughtfully chosen pen and branded leather bill holder with a whiskey quote imprinted on the inside flap. On your way out, you may be handed a whiskey tasting book brochure or a letterpressed business card.
These are the myriad of details that a brand relies on to complete the customer experience, and we at Pail bring our refined process to each project making sure our clients provide their customers with an experience that touches all the senses.

Pail is always looking for new food and beverage clients to provide creative design solutions for and continues to work with many great companies including Produce Row Cafe, Combier, Pisco Control C, Sonoma Cider, Domaine De Canton, Mama’s Fish House, and many more. Examples and contact information may be found at