The wonderful blend of intelligence, kindness and confidence equates to the human ingredients that I find most enjoyable in working with Denise Shorter.

-Michael Knapp

When I consider what defines me in Real Estate, I think of what defines me in life. It’s care and diligence. I take my job personally in that each of my clients is my responsibility to protect and to guide through a process that is ever-changing, and truly has very little in the way of black and white guidelines. I am the guide. Due to the lack of predictability, it is of the utmost importance to be flexible and creative. I love to say, “over, under and around”, because that is how I approach bumps in the road. Every problem has a solution, and I will find it. To me the greatest compliment is a happy client at the end of a particularly challenging deal. If they are still smiling, then I have done my job well! I believe it is my role to shield them through the many stresses that arise to the best of my abilities, and to find answers to every question – and to work together with all of the other members of the team in a transaction to ensure we reach the finish line. I do my best to surround myself with professionals that share my philosophy towards client care and excellence. It is a privilege to be in this business.new10254

I’ve worked with Michael and his team on several transactions. He first came to me with a former client. Our initial deal had a number of issues arise that required strong communication and problem solving skills. I was immediately sold on his style of head-on issue resolution, and his collaborative approach. We’ve worked together on many deals since, and Michael is one of the first names I give my clients at our initial meeting. I trust he will deliver the same level of service I myself provide. We recently had a transaction where the day before closing an unforeseen problem came to the surface. The seller had failed to complete a lot segregation. This was not good news, this type of problem can take months to correct – and it was not possible to close the property in its current state. We were forced to keep our transaction going for an additional two and a half months! So many things can go wrong during this length of time, and once again, I was thoroughly impressed with Michael and his team’s ability to keep the transaction alive and to ensure our clients remained calm and informed. This transaction had so many opportunities to fail, and with another lender I truly believe it might have. The day the transaction closed and this family was able to call this house their new home was one of my greatest triumphs in business to date.

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