If you enjoy what you are doing while having a good time, you are more likely to sustain the activity on a daily basis. The “fun” concept is when we do something that makes us happy; our brain releases our “happy chemicals”, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin. We then pair the activity  with the good feeling in our body and mind. If we can take that concept and put it towards exercise, we see that people not only get a better workout and results, but they also come back to do it again. Creating the great feeling of working out within your memory fuels the long term desire to sustain the fun workouts!

FRESH Performance

We are pleased to feature our local business partner below…

1. Skip the gym and run to your favorite park for a killer playground workout! Grab those monkey bars for jumping pull ups, benches for dips and push-ups, a few burpees in the grass and maybe sneak in a little pass down the slide to finish it off.

2. Grab a buddy and challenge yourself with a partner workout! Wheelbarrow one another, partner high five push-ups, etc. Switch off each picking new exercises and get creative. Push one another to get in that extra rep!

3. Add a little strength to that normal boring run. Get creative and stop at a bench or curb or any other structure for some push-ups, dips, step ups, and lunges. Then continue on to your next strength structure!

4. Pick one new activity to try every couple weeks. Yoga, biking, a new exercise class, paddle boarding, a dance class, a new hike, kick boxing, etc. Get out of your comfort zone and push your body and mind to learn something new.

5. Music, music, music! Switch up the genres and turn it up loud. Rock, hip-hop, techno, 80’s cardio Pandora station, Latin, reggae. Find a new groove and enjoy it!

F.R.E.S.H Performance has a training philosophy that is based on passion and belief that exercise and fitness should be enjoyable and fun. My background as a Division I soccer player and general outdoor enthusiast has provided the foundation for my approach to fitness. My hope is that I can instill the power of movement in those I work with and show them that exercise should be about smiling and laughing and having a good time, all while getting a killer workout!

I offer high energy, circuit training classes at the PACE center in NE Portland. These classes are appropriate for teens and adults of all levels of experience and ability.  Individual sessions provide one-to-one focus and attention to help you reach your fitness goals.  Check my website www.freshperformance.blogspot.com for more information!