Portland, is the nation’s most bike friendly city (well, behind Minneapolis ...grr).

Did you know?

Did you know?

It would take 2 years before you’d have to eat at the same food cart twice.

750 vineyards in Oregon, produce more than 70 different varietals of wine grapes.

Did you know?

Financing is what makes this whole crazy, fun and exciting experience possible. Getting an experienced banker who can think ahead, and avoid pitfalls is key.

Step 1 : Let’s talk

I prefer to start with an eyeball-to-eyeball conversation. We are going to talk about your home, your foundation for your financial health, and your long term success.

Step 2 : Gather the Basics

We will gather all of your financials to successfully build your loan file. Here is a list of what we’ll ask for: Download

Step 3 : Pre-Approval

Once we have all of your financials, we will identify the right financing program for you.

Step 4 : Loan Approval

Now that we have obtained your loan approval, we are ready to order the appraisal and complete the final steps of your loan process.

Step 5 : Find your favorite pen

Prior to signing your loan documents, our team will review in detail with you, the key points of your loan. You will understand the terms and financials of your transaction prior to signing your loan documents.

Step 6 : Congratulations

Once you have executed your loan documents, our team of professionals will review to ensure that all the documents were signed correctly. When this review is complete and all parties are satisfied, we will fund and record.

If you’re ready to start the process