At River Capital, we believe in empowering individuals to achieve their personal and real estate dreams. Part of this path often includes garnering inspiration from others who have been there, done that.

We recently caught up with our friend Becca Meierbachtol. You’ll likely remember her from our previous article on Becca which focussed on her passion for skateboarding, but also the person voted “Most Inspirational Player” during the University of Portland’s championship soccer season in 2005. 

But after more than a dozen years of running her own personal training, fitness and coaching business, Fresh Performance, we wanted to know how people like you can stay motivated, healthy and fit for life.

Her answer was pretty simple: play! 

Becca’s Tips for Kids

For kids, Becca recommends doing multiple sports to avoid burnout. Doing a single sport all year round can lead to injury, event later in life. Your young body needs to be fit and strong all around for growth. It’s also super important to take care of your body inside through nutrition and to integrate stretching, especially yoga, to prevent injury and sustain your natural flexibility. Also enjoy the sport you are doing…be sure that it is still a time for you to “play” the sport. 

Tips for Adults Just Getting Started

For adults, the key is “slow and sustainable.”  Don’t jump into a huge routine you’ve never done before, but build a foundation of strength, especially in your hips and core. Movement is important, go for walks and build from there. And switch it up!  Make sure you are choosing something that gets your body moving but you also enjoy.

Tips for the Long Haul

Want to live a long, happy, healthy, fitness-focused life? Becca recommends you “switch it up!” Try different activities or sports that you enjoy. But don’t forget to “play,” she says. “Playful activities keep you motivated and having fun while being active.”

Thank you, Becca!  We are so grateful for our wisdom, guidance and friendship and we hope this inspires others as they strive to achieve their personal and physical goals! 

Learn more about Becca and Fresh Performance at where you’ll find in-person and virtual fitness courses that will inspire and motivate you! We guarantee you’ll get a playfully fun workout!