A thriving local community is founded on strong relationships and resources. That’s why every month in, The Good Stuff, we highlight one of our partner businesses in the Pacific Northwest. As fall drifts away and we dive into chilly outdoor temps, it’s the perfect time to focus on creating warm memories with family and friends; but it’s also the perfect time to add some extra love to your home interior with an update or remodel. Learn more from local favorite COOPER Design Build below, in this month’s spotlight. 

COOPER Design Build serves as a premier luxury home remodeling company, blending innovative design and expert craftsmanship to redefine living spaces. With a legacy spanning over three decades, they have earned a reputation for creating bespoke homes that reflect their clients’ unique lifestyles and needs.

Their Proven Process utilizes a collaborative approach, where expert designers and skilled construction professionals work together to seamlessly guide clients through the remodeling process. This ensures a smooth journey from vision to realization, with a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results. They prioritize not only the aesthetics but also the functionality and comfort of every space they create.

As a client-focused company, they prioritize transparent communication and personalized service, tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each project. From concept to completion, they are dedicated to exceeding expectations.

What to know before tackling that big remodel! Q&A with Lane Cooper

1. What should I consider when selecting a remodeling company?

The first thing to decide is which remodeling process works best for you. With the traditional remodeling process, an architect designs the updated room(s) and a separate contractor builds the project.

In the design-build model, one company handles both the design and the construction.This gives you one team to guide you seamlessly from design through construction and warranty. The design team and construction team work hand-in-hand to make sure your remodel is completed as envisioned. It also helps keep your project on schedule. If questions arise during construction, the design team can be on-site quickly to make any needed adjustments. 

2. What remodeling projects have the best ROI?

The best projects for ROI are the ones that add square footage. These projects include finishing a basement or attic, adding a primary suite or extra bedrooms, or adding a second story. Outdoor living spaces can also increase the usable area of your home. In addition, think about where people spend the majority of their time. This would include kitchens and primary suites.

3. How long do remodels usually take?

This is difficult to answer since each project has different requirements that will affect the timeline. However, generally speaking, kitchen and primary suite remodels spend 3-4 months in construction. Additions can take, on average, 5-7 months.

Another benefit of our design-build model is that as part of our process, we do a feasibility study where we work with you to design your dream space. Since we will also be doing the construction there are no questions about availability, scope of work, etc. so we can give you a specific timeline along with the finished design.

4. When I take on a remodel, do I have to move out?

We recommend that clients move out completely, even for small projects. This truly makes the process less stressful for clients.  Here are some reasons  why:

    • A remodel creates a lot of noise and mess. It can be frustrating and distracting.
    • Tradespeople will be coming and going throughout the day which causes interruptions.
    • The safety of kids and pets can be affected by having multiple people continuously coming and going.
    • Subcontractors can move faster if they don’t have to work around homeowners in the space. Plus, they can be on-site outside of traditional weekday working hours, which can speed up progress on the project.
    • You’re able to be productive in the other parts of your life because you’re not dealing with noise, mess, and commotion.

For more tips on how to prepare for your remodel, visit our recent blog.

5. Is fall a good time to start my next big project?

If you are removing a roof or walls for the project, the bulk of the work needs to be done in the summer, but if it’s Interior work, this is a great time because contractors aren’t as busy. In the summer, it is very difficult to schedule painters, roofers, windows, decks, siding, etc. Constructing your project in the “off-season” helps keep the project on time and on budget.

6. What have been some of the trends this year?

People are designing spaces that reflect their personalities. Whether it’s bold wallpaper or bright-colored cabinets, people want to make their remodels truly unique. Artisan-inspired details are also very popular. We’re seeing this in tile choices, fixtures, and accent features. Finally, there is an increased need for multifunctional spaces. We’re adding built-in office workspaces in nooks and bonus rooms, and creatively blending guest rooms with home gyms, craft areas, and storage.

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